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“ I would like to thank you for your time and efforts to teach me. I will recommend you to my friends.”

Ruslan Zhexebaiuly, KAZAKHSTAN

“She explains what the key points are that should be studied before the exams. Also, her nice attitude during the courses will help you to get alerted and focused. I would say that you won’t be disappointed once you have started studying at IeltSolutions.”


“I have been accepted by University of Pennsylvania and Penn State University! Thanks to my great TOEFL score! Thank you IELTSolutions”.

Marcella, MEXICO

"I followed your strategies and I got a high score in exams. You worked a lot with me. You are the best! Thank you”

Raya, KSA

“The professors know very well all the techniques that can help you to get the required score. Very organized, skillful and most important with positive personality.”

Nouf, KSA

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Above all, we give our personal attention and guidance through every step of students’ language preparation. Small size classes, expert teachers and complete online packages support students throughout and beyond the end of the courses. Our success story is our students’ success stories.


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