Introducing New TOEFL Course at IELT Solutions

Hi! My name is Anna and I will be teaching the TOEFL preparation course beginning this coming January 2018. As a new member of the IELTSolutions team, I am incredibly excited to work with fellow English language professionals, as we collaborate and share our passion and enthusiasm for teaching English.

A bit about myself… Before moving to Philadelphia, I lived in Washington, D.C., where I attended American University. Now, I work for a non-profit organization in the city known as the International House of Philadelphia. My job consists of providing support to the hundreds of international students and scholars that reside in the building; be that in the form of English language assistance, helping students acclimate to American culture or anything in between. I have extensive experience working with international students, as I have tutored and taught English to those preparing to apply to college, all the way to the Ph.D. and professional level. My passion for teaching English comes from being a language learner myself, and this allows me to truly understand the intricacies that come along with learning another language. It is for this reason that when I teach, I truly engage with my students so that they are able to understand the desired material in full, while simultaneously gaining confidence in their English abilities.

My objective for the TOEFL course is to not only have students earn the score they want on the exam, but to give them the right skills and strategies needed to successfully complete it. Through an eight week course that provides detailed insight into how to prepare for the TOEFL, I will build on the students’ existing English knowledge base, as I introduce more complex grammar, vocabulary and sentence structures that can be utilized to earn a higher score on the TOEFL exam. Overall, the classroom will be highly interactive, as I will work with students’ specific needs and provide personalized feedback in order to help them improve their TOEFL score and English proficiency.