New Look, Same Level of Excellence!

Over the past month, we here at IELT came to realize that we needed to get back to the core of our business...Focusing on improving your IELTs, ToEFL, and GRE scores!

If you've followed our journey or are a current student, you've already noticed that literally everything has been updated on our site; from the look & feel, to the updated checkout process, all of the way to migrating our entire email back-end to be hosted with GMail(!).

The reason for all of the big adjustments at once is so that we can stop focusing on trying to be Web Developers or E-Commerce Gurus and get back to using this site for what it should be - a way to connect our educators with prospective students who want to increase their exam scores.

So we hope you like the changes and we look forward to continuously improving on our end to insure that we are offering you the strongest competitive advantage!