1. What’s the schedule?
There are classes in the morning, afternoon and evenings as well as weekends. When you register, you can indicate your preference. Availability of classes at the times you prefer depend on student registration.

2. What should I expect once I register in the courses?
For all courses: classroom based, online or hybrid, the process is the same.
You register first.

Then, you take a diagnostic test so we see what your IELTS, TOEFL or GRE needs are.

From the diagnostic test, we make a study plan for you that includes:

  • a time plan
  • assignments
  • videos and online activities
  • real exam tests
  • practice tests
  • and many other tools that will help you score high in exams.

This plan will be your personal training plan!

If you register for a classroom based or hybrid course, you will meet with your teacher every week in class or online.

The teacher will:

  • teach you exam and time-management strategies
  • answer your questions
  • explain any difficult points
  • give you feedback on your progress
  • teach you ways to improve your skills
  • test you and give you a score according to IELTS standards.


3. Can I register for one skill of the exam?
Yes, you can register to prepare for one part or skill of the exam or you can take the full package. So, for IELTS & TOEFL, you can register just for the reading or just for writing. For GRE, you can register just for the verbal or just for the math part of the exam. However, we highly recommend for better scores, that you get a full preparation on strategies for the exam.


4. I am a sponsored student. How do I get my financial guarantee letter?
We will give you an official letter that states your intention to register to our classes. You send this letter to your sponsor. Once you receive the financial guarantee letter, you forward it to us.
The Saudi Cultural Arabian Mission has recognized and approved all our exam courses. Please be aware that your official registration to the class is the financial guarantee letter from your sponsor. It may take longer than a month to receive this letter from your sponsor, so plan ahead to ensure your place in the session you wish to start your classes on.

5. What is the refund policy?

Full refund for cancellations up to two weeks before the beginning of the session. 75% refund the first week of the session. No refund after the first week of the session.

6. What are the technology requirements for the hybrid courses?

We use Canvas, a learning management system, for our hybrid course. It is free for you and simple to use. You need to have fast internet connection, a computer, a web cam and a printer. You also need to have adobe flash player and adobe reader.

7. I am interested in a custom-made workshop (Business English, English for science, Applying to University, Academic Speaking & American Culture, or something else) but I don’t see it on your website.

Email us and tell us with as many details as possible what kind of workshop you are interested in, time you want to start, preferred schedule and we will make a top-notch, tailor-made to your or your organization’s’ needs at an unbeatable rate. All our workshops are taught by highly-qualified professors of University of Pennsylvania.

8. How many applications essays will I write in the ‘Applying to University’ workshop?

In class, you will receive feedback for 2 essays. If you need help with more than 2 essays, you can always arrange to meet more hours with the teacher for an extra charge.

9. Where are the classes located?

The classes meet on 1420 Walnut street, Philadelphia. We are 5 minutes away from the Suburban train and subway station.

10. Will I get a certificate at the end of the course?

Yes! Students who have completed all assignments and have taken at least 2 mock exams will receive a certificate.

11. What is better TOEFL or IELTS?

Both exams measure your language skills equally well. TOEFL is accepted by all American universities. IELTS is accepted by American, British, Canadian and Australian universities. IELTS is also the visa requirement for immigration purposes. If you want to know which exam is best for you, please email us for a free consultation.


If we still didn’t answer your question…

email us at ielt@ieltsolutions.com we will respond promptly.
Thank you,

Sotiria Koui,

-Founder and CEO

IELT Solutions, LLC.